CHI St. Joseph's Health

Obstetrics / GYN


CHI St. Joseph’s Health Obstetrics (OB) Department embraces the philosophy of “Our family taking care of your family.” Our providers and nursing staff provide excellent care to mom, baby, and family based on best practices, quality, and safety initiatives. We encourage you to have baby stay with you in your room to promote bonding. We support and guide you with one-on-one attention and instruction and encourage the whole family to participate with baby’s care.

We are a level 1 nursery which means we have the capability to provide ongoing care to healthy, full term and late preterm infants. Our staff also has the skills and training necessary to provide initial care to all babies born at our facility. Should an infant need a higher level of care, our staff will stabilize and arrange transport to the closest appropriate neonatal facility.

Laboring moms have access to cordless fetal monitoring for moving about and walking, use of peanut ball and birthing balls, and beds that adapt to labor position changes and needs. Once baby arrives, you and baby will enjoy the comforts of a postpartum recovery room until going home.

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