CHI St. Joseph's Health

Occupational Health Services

Area employers, employees, and healthcare providers have a source for comprehensive evaluations, treatment of work-related injuries, and proactive services to help businesses develop employee health and injury-prevention strategies.

Occupational Health Services, through CHI St. Joseph’s Health Physical Rehabilitation and Fitness Center, offers a range of assessments and analysis tools to ensure proper and objective evaluation.

Services Include:

  • Functional Capacity Assessments  -  This evaluation assesses a person’s current level of functioning. Results can be used to expedite a safe return to work or to determine a safe job match.
  • Job-site Analysis  -  This onsite analysis of a specific job is conducted to learn the physical demands of a job. It is used to determine if the job is suitable for the injured person and when it is safe for the person to return to the job.
  • Work Hardening/Conditioning  -  This service prepares an injured worker for the safe return to a specific job. The person participates in simulated work tasks and physical conditioning exercises.
  • Injury Prevention & Education Programs  -  Customized programs are available to area employers. Examples are back injury prevention, cumulative trauma, developing industrial stretch classes, and evaluating ergonomics.
  • Pre-Employment/Post-Offer Screens  -  Screenings for proper and safe placement on the job are available for applicants and employees.

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