Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

Our mission and values challenge us to provide quality care. We believe that seeking and listening to the voice of patients and their families is a vital part of creating a person-centered culture for healing body, mind and spirit. We actively partner with patients and families to ensure their involvement in the care experience.

About the Council

CHI St. Joseph’s Health formed our Patient & Family Advisory Council in 2010 to engage patients and families in sharing their health care experiences, insights, perspectives, and ideas to help us improve safety, quality and the overall patient care experience. The Council makes recommendations to our senior leadership team and to the hospital Board of Directors.

Patient & Family Advisory Council Members

PFAC is comprised of patients or patient family members from the communities we serve and CHI St. Joseph’s Health employees.

Paul Joyce
Linda Hanson
Katie Johanning
Helen Keezer
Ronald Carnell
Eunice Rothermel
Brandon Brakke

Brenda Huwe
Arlene Copp
Monica Foster
Chris Broeker
Deb Haagenson
Julie Nicklason


  • Provide person- centered perspective and priorities for CHI St. Joseph’s Health
  • Gather insights from patients & families and act on them
  • Increase awareness of CHI St. Joseph’s Health efforts to create person- centered care and to make care better & safer
  • Create a person-centered culture of care focused on body, mind and spirit.
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