Medical / Surgical / OB

CHI St. Joseph’s Health Medical/Surgical/OB takes a multi-disciplinary care team approach to patient treatment and care. The team includes hospitalists and physicians, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, social services, and nutrition services. Patients are at the center of care and treatment. Discharge planning involves the patient, family or loved ones and the care team.

Hospitalists & Hospitalist Program

Our Hospital medicine team of experienced professionals is specially trained to care for hospitalized patients. They are in charge of your care around the clock during your hospital stay.


  • Direct the treatment of your care while you’re hospitalized
  • Are available to discuss your care and answer questions
  • Coordinate care with your primary care provider and other specialists that may be called in as part of your treatment plan
  • Integrate care between you and your primary care provider
  • Provide summaries of your stay and treatment plan for your primary care provider upon discharge
  • Are on site from 8 am to 8 pm daily and on call from 8 pm to 8am daily

CHI St. Joseph’s Heath Hospitalists:


Nathan Harris, MD

Nathan Harris, MD

John Lageson, MD

John Lageson, MD

Bonnie Conner, FNP

Bonnie Conner, FNP

Our entire hospital medicine team is especially skilled at explaining procedures, answering questions and reducing anxiety for patients and their loved ones. We care for you as we would our own family. Our standard is compassionate, high-quality care for all people.

Obstetrics / GYN

What could be more exciting than the arrival of your new baby? Let CHI St. Joseph’s Health provide the best in your birthing experience.  We embrace the philosophy of “Our family taking care of your family.”  Our commitment of kind, compassionate, care…every person, every time is provided for you and your family at your bedside from the time he or she is born.  We are truly family-focused ensuring cherished memories for mom and dad, grandparents and siblings.

We support the concept of “rooming in,” so you may keep your baby with you at all times to give you and your new family plenty of time for bonding. A nursery is also available to you as well to provide respite time to recover.

You can take comfort knowing that the doctors, nurses and staff who will care for you and your family are an expert team of professionals with advanced training and many years of experience who love what they do!  We are a level 1 nursery which means we have the capability to provide ongoing care to healthy, full term and late preterm infants.  Should an infant need a higher level of advanced care, our staff with stabilize and arrange transport to the closest neonatal facility.

Laboring moms have access to cordless fetal monitoring for moving about and walking, use of the peanut ball and birthing balls, nitrous oxide, whirlpool tubs, and beds that adapt to labor position changes and needs.  Once baby arrives, enjoy the comforts of a postpartum recovery room until you are ready to go home.

CHI St. Joseph’s Health has Certified Lactation Counselors available at the hospital and through our Community Health program. Support is offered to breastfeeding moms around the clock!

We want your experience at CHI St. Joseph’s Health to be the best. Your comfort and level of outstanding care is our priority. Let our family take care of your family.

Contact Us: 218.616.3267


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General Information

600 Pleasant Avenue
Park Rapids, MN 56470

Phone: 218.732.3311
Toll Free: 800.566.3311
Fax: 218.732.1360

General Information

600 Pleasant Avenue, Park Rapids, MN 56470
Phone: 218.732.3311 | Toll Free: 800.566.3311 | Fax: 218.732.1360

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