Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Patient Testimonial

The road to recovery can be difficult to walk alone, and sometimes hearing about the journey of another person can help in the healing process. Read on for a story from a patient just like you and learn more about how our orthopedic care can get you back to doing the activities you love.

If you’re waiting, procrastinating or dragging your heels to get that replacement. Stop ✋️ ✋️ ✋️ Waiting!!!

I had a partial knee 🦵 replacement on March 28th after waiting for a year.

Wowsa!! What a miraculous difference. The pain is gone. No more bone on bone pain. Such a relief. 💛💯

I was in so much pain for the last year it was daunting and exhausting. I work a lot of hours on my feet, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to continue. Most days 12, sometimes 14 hours a day I’m on my feet.

After my visit with Dr. Prochaska I had no doubt I was ready to feel better. I’m so happy I had my knee replaced. Instantly the pain, that nagging bone on bone pain, was gone. Dr. Prochaska is a miracle worker 😇 my hero 🙌👏 and he’s right here in Park Rapids, his staff is absolutely amazing, the kindness, care, and attention to detail is terrific. 👏 ❤️

The PT department at CHI is also an important part in my recovery, going to therapy, regaining mobility and being able to walk pain free makes me so happy. 😀

I am now able to be back to work full time, without pain. I’m so happy I had this done. Thank you Dr. Prochaska. I’m forever grateful.

Thank you CHI Physical Therapy for all of your hard work and dedication. Special thanks to Kelsey.

Stop Waiting, Get it Done! ✔️

Just Do It.

Jackie Griffin

partial knee replacement patient

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