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Ortho Patient Testimonial

I fractured my patella on my right knee on October 21, 2023.  After a fall on Saturday afternoon, my daughter brought me to the St. Joseph’s Hospital emergency room about 7:00pm that evening.  I received quick and excellent care there; but unfortunately finding my patella fracture.  The Emergency Room Hospitalist, Bonnie Conner – FNP, provided immediate and compassionate care, with an immobilizer brace,  and referred me to see Tim Meier, PA-C in the Orthopedic Department the following week.   I was able to see Mr. Meier on Tuesday of the following week.  He took great time and care to show me my fracture via x-rays and provide me with a detailed course of treatment.  He gave me a complete understanding of my restrictions and limitations.  He also made a follow up appointment with me for the next week to ensure I was healing according to my treatment plan.  During the follow-up visit, again, he showed me my x-rays and reviewed my progress.  With each subsequent visit I had with Tim Meier, he carefully reviewed my progress.  Once he was able to remove the immobilizer brace, he prescribed physical therapy with Mandy Runyan, PT, DPT in the Rehab Services Department.

Mandy Is an amazing Physical Therapist.  With the initial visit, she carefully assessed my limitations and prescribed a set of exercises to use.  She watched me perform them to ensure I was doing them correctly, and gave me written instructions to follow up daily at home.  With each subsequent visit, I learned new exercises and gained strength and confidence in moving my knee and using muscles again.

This was my first experience with CHI St. Joseph’s Health Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Departments.  Initially, I was very concerned about a knee fracture, with my age and other health considerations.  I was greatly impressed with the knowledge, care, and concern for my well-being that I received.  I will not hesitate to recommend CHI St. Joseph’s Health Orthopedic Department to anyone in need of care. – Leah Pigatti

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