Charitable Giving & Estate Planning

Throughout our lifetime, most of us strive to make a difference in the lives of others, providing gifts to the people and causes we value. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you could continue to change lives even after you are gone…creating a legacy of support for the causes most important to you?

When you hear the words Legacy Planning most people think that that is what the super rich do with their fortunes. But really it has little to do with the size of one’s estate, rather it has much more to do with passing along to one’s heirs a clear vision of the priorities that were held dear during life.

A common misconception about legacy planning is that someone must choose between their family or a favorite charity. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A good estate plan can provide for one’s family as well as a charitable organization. Most people wish to leave their assets to their surviving family members when they pass away. They fail to understand that they could carve out a small piece of their estate, say 10% or 15%, and leave it to a charitable organization and in doing so they are still passing the majority of their assets to their desired family members. Additionally, they are showing their family that a particular charitable organization held significance and are hopefully setting the stage for an ongoing relationship with the surviving family members.

As you think about your goals, we encourage you to consider CHI St. Joseph’s Health and leaving a legacy that enhances the health of our entire community. A charitable gift need not come at the expense of your loved ones, but rather can enhance the relationship between generations, all of whom benefit from having a community where outstanding healthcare exists right here! Please contact your financial advisor to discuss the goals specific to your situation.

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