Occupational Therapy Sensory Integration

What is Sensory Integration?

The nervous system absorbs information by seeing, hearing, moving, touching, smelling/tasting, and body position. The brain organizes, sorts, and makes sense of this information for action, learning, and behavior.

Sometimes for a child, information may feel to too slight to register or it may feel like an overwhelming jumble of sensations. When this happens, the sensations are poorly integrated. Programs with Sensory Integration may interfere with motor coordination, learning, and or/social and emotional skills.

The Sensory Integration approach is rich in movement, heavy muscle work, touch, eye/hand/body coordination, and play; these are areas in which many children with Sensory Integration difficulties have underlying problems. Signs of Sensory Integration problems:

  • Over or under reaction to touch, movements, sights, or sounds
  • Irritability, emotional outbursts, tantrums
  • Feeding problems / avoiding certain food textures
  • Learning difficulties
  • Difficulties with daily living skills
  • Distractibility / poor attention
  • Difficulty learning new movements or skills
  • Physical clumsiness
  • Poor social skills

We have a trained, certified, and experienced Occupational Therapist who specializes in assessing and treating sensory integration so your child is able to achieve the highest functioning level possible.

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